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25% Cash Rebate

A 25% cash rebate on qualifying expenditures made in the country during production of film, high-end TV series, documentaries, and animation has been in effect since March 2021.

The cap of the rebate is set at 1 Million Euros per project. Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Who Can Apply

A producer, co-producer, or service company registered in Bulgaria, in the EU, Switzerland, EEA, or in a third country can apply. If you apply as a foreign company, your company has to have original registration as a film company for at least two years before applying.

Eligible Projects

  • Feature film over 70 minutes 
  • Documentary film over 60 minutes or documentary series with each episode over 40 minutes 
  • Animation film or animation series with a total length of 24 minutes
  • Film for television or OTT platforms over 70 minutes, or series with each episode over 40 minutes 

How to Apply

  1. Register your company in the National Film Center (NFC) as a Producer, Co-Producer, or Service Company. You will receive a registration number.
  2. Fill out and submit at NFC Application and Qualification Test (Section A). Find the Application form here: Appendix No. 5b to Item 6 of Article 42 (1).
  3. In a month, your application will be reviewed by a Committee at NFC. It will decide if your project meets the cultural criteria of the Qualification test. Seven days after the Committee's session NFC will publish on its website a list of the approved projects.
  4. Once your project is approved, you will have up to 12 months to apply for the amount of your cash rebate. You need to fill out and submit for approval your budget and the requested cash rebate amount. Find the Application form here: Appendix No. 16a to Item 57 (2). After the Budget Committee reviews your application you will receive a certificate with the approved amount of your cash rebate.
  5. After wrapping your production in Bulgaria, an audited financial report has to be submitted to NFC. In up to 14 days you will be granted a Certificate with the final amount of your cash rebate.  

TAKE NOTE - If you had started working on your project in Bulgaria before submitting your first application you will not be eligible for a rebate. 

All documents must be submitted at the National Film Center (NFC) in Bulgarian language only, your script including.

More details can be found in the Rules of Implementation of the Bulgarian Film Act. 

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