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In the rapidly changing world of the film industry, continuing education and training are essential. The cash rebate introduction is increasing the demand for experienced professionals meeting world-class standards. To address this need Bulgarian Film Consulting has designed training and internship programs with the best in the field. 

Over the past few decades, the film crews in Bulgaria have had the benefit of working with some of the best in the film world.  Working intensively on diverse and big-budget international projects, the Bulgarian film crews are listed today among the best in the world.

Bulgarian Film Consulting supports the transfer of knowledge to the next generation of talented and motivated people through its partnerships and industry connections with producers, studios, and production service companies.

Masterclasses, vocational training courses, panels, and workshops are designed to bring mentors and students together. Our internship programs will put you on set and let you learn from the best.

If you are interested in participating contact us.

Film Forge

Film Forge is Nu Boyana's vocational training center, and partners with Bulgarian Film Consulting.

It’s a film school, in essence, but with a difference – learning happens at Nu Boyana, a real-life film studio in the heart of Sofia.

Film Forge offers three distinct courses for filmmakers. They aim to fast-track individuals to become part of the working crew by distilling and breaking down the essential skills that are necessary for a particular calling. Completing a course will also make you part of their crew database and your name will be circulated with other department heads that are working in the studio. If you have aspirations for a career in the filmmaking world, FilmForge is the perfect entry door.

The courses offered by Film Forge can help you acquire the necessary skills that are in high demand in the international film industry. Completing a course can also help you become part of the studio's crew database, which can increase your chances of being hired for a film project, as the volume of projects has significantly increased after the 25% cash rebate was introduced in Bulgaria. Additionally, the courses offered by FilmForge can help you build connections in the industry and find like-minded people near you. If you are serious about pursuing a career in the Bulgarian film industry, taking a course at FilmForge can be a great way to get started.

Contact them at study@filmforge.org for any additional questions.

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