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Filming in Bulgaria

This place feels like home and you will keep coming back

Experienced Crews

Bulgarian professionals will fascinate you with their devotion to the job. Even the technical crew members read the script and pay attention to every detail. They will make sure to help you achieve your goal. Get ready to meet new friends and do a great job on the set!

25% Cash Rebate

Bulgaria offers 25% cash rebate for international film and TV productions. Applications are reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The local companies will provide you with a unique servicing model that guarantees high production value for your projects.

Film Infrastructure

Bulgaria has top-of-the-line filmmaking facilities that inspire you to be creative. London, New York, Mexico, Middle East, Ancient Rome are among the unique backlots that the studios have to offer, along with many sound stages and the most modern water tank in Europe.


Bulgaria offers unique locations and state-of-the-art studio sets
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