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Bulgaria has teams of skilful editors and video post production professionals that offer Data Management, DIT, Live Color Grading, Daily Service, 11x Editorial suites, with AVID ISIS network share storage, scanning facility, 2x DaVinci Resolve, Digital Cinema Package/DCP. 


In Bulgaria producers can obtain the full range of audio post-production services including everything from editorial, ADR recordings, sound design, foley artistry, mixing and deliverables creation. There are very well trained local experts and if there is a specific skill/service that they do not provide, they have experts and professionals from renowned studios all across the globe that they work closely with.

The "script to screen" all in one place/package concept of the film services in Bulgaria (located inside studio facilities) allow for the audio facilities to be within minutes of walking distance from other departments which allows for a very quick material turnaround. 

At the largest studio - Nu Boyana Film Studios, for example, there is one of the biggest Dolby Atmos certified re-recording mixing stages in Europe, along with a smaller mid-field Dolby Atmos certified re-recording mixing stage which is primarily aimed at servicing the home-theater aspect of movie deliverables. 

The ADR recording facility is also in the same building as our mixing stages, which allows for the unique opportunity to quickly record and upload materials to the mixing stages within minutes.

Bulgarian specialists aim to provide a feasible, yet still competitive pricing scheme that we try to accommodate to each project. We believe in providing an adaptive approach whenever possible.

The global pandemic and the travel restrictions have forced the shift to the more frequent remote sessions, which is something the best Bulgarian sound teams already had great experience in. The introduction of the Covid protocols has also been felt when dealing with ADR sessions as all external personnel need to be tested prior to in-studio recordings, which has not really provided any problems so far.


Bulgaria has dedicated and experienced VFX staff, including industry veterans with more than 20 years of experience. They have the know-how and the infrastructure to deliver top quality product, as well as the experience and the team to handle large projects. 

Among the titles that were serviced in the country recently are: Martin Campbell’s The Protege, Tanya Wexler’s Jolt, Scott Dale’s Till Death, Patrick Hughes’ Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Rod Lurie’s The Outpost, Neil Marshall’s Hellboy. 

The prices of VFX services are competitive compared to not just Europe but also Canada and the rest of the world. The pandemic has accelerated processes that were already ongoing, Bulgarian VFX companies have been looking into implementing working from home practices. The new situation gave them the opportunity to switch to this new model overnight and to continue to produce the work in this new environment.

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