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Bulgaria Offers

Film Infrastructure

In Bulgaria we have created state of the art infrastructure for film. The capital city of Sofia welcomes you with a variety of sets and sound stages. Here you will find one of the biggest water tanks in Europe, streets of NY, London, Mexico, Middle East, Ancient Rome and more, constructed on the premises of the filmmaking studios.

25% Cash Rebate

As of July 28, 2021 Bulgaria offers a 25% cash rebate on the eligible production expenditure made in the country. Here you will find labour and rental prices that are competitive and packaged to give you the best value for your budget. 20% VAT refund is also available within 30 days of your application.

Experienced Crews

Benefitting from the legacy of many generations of filmmakers, Bulgaria has some of the most skilful movie crews in the world. You will work with English speaking teams who have experience on multiple international projects, serviced in the country in the past twenty years.

Script To Screen Services

You will be granted full service, starting from your initial idea to the finishing touches in post production. This includes: crews and equipment, sound stages, sets, water tank, motion capture stages, big Dolby Atmos sound mixing stage, video and sound post production facilities.

Four Seasons

Bulgaria has a continental climate - the snowy winters, blossomy springs, sunny summers and golden-leafed autumns are an added value to your shooting opportunities.

Unique Locations

Variety of breathtaking natural landscapes, cultural historical sites and original urban locations can be found within reach.

Film Friendly Authorities

Experienced local partners will guide you throughout the process of getting your permits from the Bulgarian institutions and will provide you with the best places and conditions for the production of your film.

Cosy Hotels, Delicious Food

Bulgaria has a variety of great hotel venues throughout the country. Famous for its organic fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty national cuisine, Bulgaria offers all you need for your talent and crew to relax after a busy day.

How we support you

Connecting productions with experts throughout Bulgaria via our network of industry partners
Assist you with sourcing studios, facilities, locations, key crew and talent for your production
Will advise and consult you on production-related regulations and permits, including visas
We work closely with the government and the industry to ensure that Bulgaria remains one of the most attractive filmmaking destinations in Europe


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