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Filming in the Age of Corona

Keep the cameras rolling! COVID-19 was a major challenge for our industry but we adapted well. New rules, new positions, new beginnings. Here is how the major film production studio in Bulgaria managed. Watch the special report by Scott Roxborough for Deutsche Welle and Arts 21 Program, shot in October 2020.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the team at Nu Boyana studios kept going and learning valuable lessons on the way.

With good preparation, planning and flexibility, they completed the production of over 80 productions, among them films TV series and international commercials for world brands.

"The credit goes to all Bulgarian and foreign professionals, involved in the process, including the team of our in-house company B2Y Productions – for their hard work, resilience and dedication.

Most decisions we made this year proved that taking risks and being innovative pays off and makes you stronger!

We know that there are more challenges ahead but we are ready to tackle them, living up to the highest standards in the industry." - states the Nu Boyana Film Studios team.

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