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Till Death - The First Feature to Shoot Under Covid19

Till Death was shot in Bulgaria from August 6, 2020 to September 7, 2020 being one of the first projects to resume production after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in the spring. It wrapped Covid-19 free after 28 days of shoot. There was a lot of preparation on behalf of the production team to make it possible. Production was initially scheduled to start […]

Filming in the Age of Corona

Keep the cameras rolling! COVID-19 was a major challenge for our industry but we adapted well. New rules, new positions, new beginnings. Here is how the major film production studio in Bulgaria managed. Watch the special report by Scott Roxborough for Deutsche Welle and Arts 21 Program, shot in October 2020. Since the beginning of […]

The Outpost - Set in Afganistan, Filmed in Bulgaria

Recreating the deadliest US Outpost in Afghanistan - in a Bulgarian quarry  In the fall of 2018 Bulgaria hosted an extraordinary project to be entirely filmed here. What was unique about it was that for the first time it was going to show on the big screen the tragic story of the deadliest US war outpost […]

Hellboy - The MakeUp Process

For the production of Hellboy in Bulgaria in 2017 we welcomed Academy Award-winner Joel Harlow - one of the most innovative makeup and special makeup artists and designers in American motion pictures. He has proven himself to be one of a very few number of artists who is able to span the world of makeup […]

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